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5 IKEA Hacks That Will Transform the Look of Your Kitchen

Are you bored with the way your kitchen looks? Are you trying to find an economical approach to give it a new, trendy look? If so, you might want to think about utilizing some IKEA hacks. You can easily and quickly alter your kitchen with the help of these hacks, and they won’t cost a fortune.

When using IKEA’s kitchen system, you can order their products in a modular form, enabling you to buy the fundamental cabinet bones from them while also personalizing the exteriors and some inner components.

So, if you’re prepared to remodel your kitchen, here are the essential crispy hacks!

#1: Upper cabinets can be adorned with decorative moulding or trim.

Do you want to hide a bulkhead that is awkward, or are you tired of dusting the tops of cabinets?

Trim work and moulding will be your finest allies for hiding these areas and giving your room a sense of purpose.

Decostrip or an under-cabinet light valance completes your design, and you may buy custom trim pieces to fit the gaps between upper cabinet tops and ceilings.

#2: Create your gorgeous kitchen island using IKEA base units.

Create your most beautiful kitchen island with the aid of IKEA base cabinets as you come up with these brilliant modern kitchen ideas. To make your cabinet doors moveable, paint them with latex paint and add four wooden legs with castor wheels to each corner. Utilize simple hardware, such as rails and hooks, to create new, gorgeous IKEA kitchen islands.

#3: A customized IKEA kitchen door style and colour.

The beauty of an IKEA-hacked kitchen is that it is completely unique in terms of design and colour. When selecting the door type and colour combination ideal for you, consider door styles that aren’t available at big-box retailers. Choose from 8 distinct shaker door designs, such as Decora for a Tuscan kitchen design or our Skinny shaker for a contemporary appearance.

#4: Include floating shelves in your IKEA design.

In custom kitchens, upper cabinets and floating shelves are typically employed to strike a balance between the need for storage and the opportunity to show off decorative items and break up lengthy rows of cabinets. If at all possible, replace one or two of your cabinets with custom floating shelves that match your cabinet doors.

To keep jars of baking ingredients, floating shelves are typically used around windows, on either side of kitchen sinks or stoves, or in pantries.

Instead of rushing through the IKEA planner to design shelves, just leave vacant wall spaces in the arrangement. When ordering your custom door, be sure to select the appropriate shelf depth and custom length for your requirements.

#5: Create a shaker-style kitchen pantry using the IKEA Ivar hack.

Here’s a quick idea for optimizing your kitchen pantry in shaker style:

You can convert your existing cabinets into a pantry and add two more cabinets to turn them into wall cupboards, which is ideal for remodelling a utility room. Use sturdy hollow wall anchors to secure the piece to the wall after completing this modification. These heavy cabinets need to be attached securely because of their weight.

Then, attempt to create Shaker-style doors; for this, add MDF panels that are 6 mm thick and 90 mm wide. The MDF also hides the door gap and all of the screws.

Use some of these IKEA hacks if you’re looking for a quick and simple method to give your kitchen a fresh look. With a few simple modifications, you can make your IKEA kitchen truly your own at a price well within your renovation budget. With a little work, you can now design a stylish and useful room. Additionally, our team at Allstyle Retrofit will be pleased to help you get started if you need any assistance. Get in touch with us now to learn more about how we can make your dream kitchen a reality!

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