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Cabinet doors: MDF, Solid Wood & Plywood Types

The type of door material is one of the essential choices you must make while looking for new kitchen cabinets. There are numerous choices, including particle board, plywood, solid wood, and MDF. Because each material has particular benefits and drawbacks when used to construct cabinet doors, the materials you pick will typically rely on the design you strive for.

To eliminate some myths and explain the optimal use for various cabinetry materials, we’ve broken it down for you according to the material.

Solid Wood Cabinets:

In order to enhance and protect the inherent beauty of the wood grain, stained doors are commonly made of solid wood doors in the colors of maple, oak, or cherry. Wooden doors are robust and long-lasting; dents or scratches may be covered up with the right stain and a little light sanding. Stained wood doors are a great option for homeowners who desire a conventional kitchen design that showcases the elegance and durability of hardwood doors.

MDF Kitchen Cabinets:

MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is a manufactured wood product similar to plywood formed by combining wood fibers with resin. Plywood uses thin layers of wood jammed together, whereas MDF uses compressed wood fibers and glue. When making MDF, wood chips are sorted, cleaned, and fed into a defibrator, where rotating discs crush the chips into tiny fibers. After mixing the fibers with wax and resin, they are dried and made fluffy. The airy fibers are compressed into mats under pressure and heat to produce the thick sheets of material that are sold at the local hardware store.

Plywood Cabinets:

Plywood could be the material of choice for some cabinet manufacturers for creating slab or flat panel doors, even though it is not typically used. Solid slab doors can be made from furniture-grade plywood with a softwood core and a hardwood veneer front. Veneer tape should be put to the edges to get a nice match to the fronts. Slab-style doors are pretty much their only application because plywood cannot be machined on the face due to its layered nature.

What You Should Know About MDF:

MDF cabinets: Are they waterproof?

Using MDF alone does not make a structure waterproof. However, by painting its surface, MDF can be made to be particularly water resistant, making it perfect for use in damp spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Because they can weather the hot, humid months and still look gorgeous in your lakeside hideaway, cottages are a popular choice.

Is MDF more durable than plywood?

Plywood is utilized for floor covering and cabinet wall construction because it is more durable than MDF. Because of its cross-graining, plywood is a superior material to MDF for areas of the house where weight is applied.

• Are MDF Products Sustainable?

Wood fiber is utilized sustainably by repurposing wood products that would otherwise be thrown away to manufacture MDF. Typically, MDF is a recyclable material that is utilized to make other wood products instead of being dumped in a landfill.

• How Safe Is Working With MDF?

When cutting or shaping a wood product, dust may be produced that could irritate the eyes and nose. MDF is no different. It is always advisable to wear safety gear, such as dust masks and eye protection when working with any wood product.

Your decision on the kind of material for your kitchen cabinet doors is significant since it will considerably affect how your kitchen looks and feels. There are many different materials available, and each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Contact us right away if you need assistance selecting the best material for you.

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