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We specializes in IKEA kitchen cabinet retrofitting, and can help you get the custom IKEA kitchen of your dreams.

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IKEA® Retrofit

Your comparison of door styles will determine what applies. Our least costly door cost about the same as IKEA's most expensive door. Our most costly door will cost around twice as much as the most expensive door from IKEA.

No, we can't. Visit IKEA to see if the door style you want is available. If your style is no longer available, we suggest replacing a portion of the kitchen with a complementary style. Fortunately, there is a growing trend toward two-color kitchens and kitchens with two different door types.

Unfortunately, we can't.  To guarantee a perfect match of IKEA's colors, there are simply too many factors. We can do it if a close match is okay. If not, we advise adding a complementary shade.

No, we don't duplicate or match any IKEA components (new or old). We offer doors and drawer fronts that retrofit onto the IKEA cabinet system using our own line of products. Despite the similarity in design of certain of our door types, we do not advise mixing them with IKEA goods that have already been installed because the results might not be acceptable.

We don't provide services for kitchen design. For IKEA's Sektion cabinets, we produce doors and drawer retrofits. The majority of our clients use IKEA's 3D Kitchen Planner online or in-store. We advise working with a nearby kitchen designer if you want someone to visit your house.

We can size our doors to fit any cabinet system because we are a custom door maker. We know just how to dimension and drill for hinges or drawer mounting if you're utilizing IKEA cabinets. Alternatively, you must give us the precise door sizes needed if you want to put our doors on cabinets built by another manufacturer or custom-made ones. If hinge drilling is required, we will want the hinge specification, including the make and model number.


Painted Doors, Panels & Cabinets

Using our normal tools and procedures, we can create gable, island, and refrigerator panels that are up to 96 inches high and 48 inches wide. In fact, we consistently engage in it. We can sometimes go even bigger, but it's considerably more difficult and expensive to do so. We advise dividing larger panels with rails to improve the aesthetic and stability.

We can offer PAX wardrobes retrofit doors. The big size of our slab-style items is why we promote them.

  • High Glossy Doors
  • Super matte Doors
  • Doors with Natural Veneer Slabs
  • Doors with textured laminate

Over two layers of expert primer, we apply post-catalyzed lacquer of the highest quality. It is the best paint currently on the market.


Yes, we do create cabinets that work with IKEA. To learn more, get in touch with us.

Yes, the drawers and drawer fronts have already been pre-drilled to fit the IKEA cabinets flawlessly. Neither IKEA nor we pre-drill for handles.

Doors in five pieces are 13/16" thick. MDF door thickness is 3/4". Each panel is 3/4" thick.

Hard Maple, Red Oak, Cherry, and Walnut are the woods that are most in demand. On our wood species page of the website, you can find a complete list of the species we offer.

Depending on the order's specifics. MDF doors typically cost between 10% and 20% less.

We prefer an MDF center panel since it is more dimensionally stable with variations in heat and humidity, and we use strong maple for the stiles and rails.

The price for dovetail drawers varies with size. The cost will increase as the drawer gets bigger. Budget $75 per drawer plus hardware for your project. The budget is $40 for a pair of Blum soft close undermount slides. Drawer slides generally cost more the longer they are.

We do not offer both measuring and installation services. Depending on where you are, we may offer recommendations for nearby businesses that offer those services in specific locations. 

We don't mimic or duplicate any of the door designs from IKEA (new or old). We provide our own product line of doors and drawer fronts for the IKEA cabinets. Despite the similarity in design of certain of our door types, we do not advise combining them with contemporary IKEA goods because the results can be unfavorable. In order to maintain a unified aesthetic, we advise replacing all of the fronts with new ones that are the same style or color. Alternatively, you may replace a few of the fronts in particular locations to add an accent or highlight contrast with a different color or design.

No painting is done on-site by us. We offer painted doors that are prepared for mounting onto IKEA cabinet boxes.

We are unable to match Ramsjo's finish. There are simply too many factors to guarantee a perfect match of IKEA's colors. We can do it if a close match is okay. If not, we advise adding with a complementary shade.

Yes, both are available with horizontal grain and grain match options.

Yes, we can paint a project with two distinct colors. Regarding gloss: Manufacturing is more challenging and expensive the greater the gloss. Higher gloss requires more upkeep since it makes surface flaws like dings, scratches, grime, fingerprints, and smudges more noticeable. 20% is the usually suggested sheen. For a small additional fee, we provide an improved 35% sheen on paints in both light and dark colors. We offer a 50% shine for a small upcharge only on light color paint. We don't paint with more sheen than 50%. We advise switching to a slab door design if your demand exceeds 50% shine. A sturdy laminate (PET) that has a very uniform gloss finish and is simpler to maintain than high gloss paint can be used to create the slab door.

We put a lot of effort into creating, checking, and packaging your order. Therefore it would be frustrating for us if you opened the box to find handling or transit damage. Please open the package and check your order for accuracy and any possible shipping damage. Take pictures of whatever you find, and include any other details we may utilize to remedy the problem. If you don't provide this information to us within three days of receiving your order, our warranty coverage may not apply to your claim.


The Order Process

Depending on the door design chosen, Ikea renovation jobs usually take four to six weeks. It takes roughly four weeks to produce our high gloss, super matte, and textured laminate doors. It normally takes six weeks for all other doors. On our home page, we post the most recent lead times.

Basically, lead times are determined based on the time we receive the final approval and can start manufacturing.

Your IKEA planner files are required in order to provide a quote.

The best instrument for us to comprehend and quote is the Ikea planner. On occasion, nevertheless, we can draw inspiration from sketches or other kinds of architectural designs. Please email it to us if you have something that you believe might work. Once we've looked at it, we'll let you know whether it's clear enough to generate a quote.

Unfortunately, because the components are produced particularly for your project as part of our made-to-order procedure, no refunds or exchanges are permitted.


We start the process of acquiring materials as soon as the deposit is made. We will have started working on your project and be past the point of cancellation within 24 hours of the deposit transaction.

We acknowledge that adjustments or revisions might be necessary along the process. Still, after the first 24 hours following the deposit, any alterations to the initial order will be handled as a new order.

Our goods are covered by a comprehensive 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects in materials, workmanship, and finish. Complete warranty information can be accessed here.



Yes, provided there is a sample available. For some larger samples, we do charge a modest fee. We charge a nominal fee if we have to generate a sample that isn't already in stock.


Shipping & Payment

We send packages all throughout the US (and Canada) regularly. Your doors will be foam-wrapped and additionally safeguarded in a strong plywood crate with a skid base. Contractual carriers can transport crates to your home for shipping. The driver can use a lift gate to place the crate outdoors on your driveway. Simply take off the crate's top and insert the foam-wrapped doors. You can either keep (repurpose) or throw away the stuff from the crate. On a whole kitchen project, a reasonable shipping cost estimate is to allow 10% more than the cost of the doors.


We need a 50% payment paid by Visa, Mastercard, or E-transfer before we can start working on your order. Before shipping, delivery, or pick-up, we will need the balance processed when the order is finished in the factory.


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