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We specializes in IKEA kitchen cabinet retrofitting, and can help you get the custom IKEA kitchen of your dreams.

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My bottom doors should have a dark blue/grey tint, and my upper ones should be glossy white. Can you accomplish that?

Yes, we can paint a project with two distinct colors. Regarding gloss: Manufacturing is more challenging and expensive the greater the gloss. Higher gloss requires more upkeep since it makes surface flaws like dings, scratches, grime, fingerprints, and smudges more noticeable. 20% is the usually suggested sheen. For a small additional fee, we provide an improved 35% sheen on paints in both light and dark colors. We offer a 50% shine for a small upcharge only on light color paint. We don’t paint with more sheen than 50%. We advise switching to a slab door design if your demand exceeds 50% shine. A sturdy laminate (PET) that has a very uniform gloss finish and is simpler to maintain than high gloss paint can be used to create the slab door.


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