To help you create the kitchen of your dreams, we offer a variety of collections, from Painted doors to Panels and cabinets. Our area of expertise is IKEA custom cabinets. We have you covered for shaker and slab doors.

Though simple, shaker cabinets vary. Shaker cabinet frame thickness, joinery, and finish quality varies due to different building processes. Many cabinets have 5-piece or slab drawer fronts.
Shaker cabinets consist of two stiles, two rails, and the center recessed panel. To fit together, the stiles and rails are thicker than the open panel and contain slots and carved tongues.
We make a variety of shaker slim door styles that are compatible with IKEA cabinets. All IKEA cabinet doors may be fitted with these faces.
Furthermore, the undeniable fact that true elegance is timeless. Modern shaker cabinet doors have the same uncomplicated design as their forebears.
Shaker-style kitchens are appealing because they can be used in other rooms of the house and don't just look good in the kitchen.
Slim Shaker doors come in many finishes and styles; some even have some kind of decoration or flair added to the rail profiles.
It depends on your design and planning, whereas you can install knobs to achieve a classy and vintage look.
This slim shaker design is minimalist in branding and boasts sharp edges and vivid color combinations that jump off the wall.
We offer our clients a great range of high-quality products, so they always look great and are easy - to clean with a microfiber cloth.
The slim shaker cabinet door is a new and popular style in kitchens. It has a sleek, modern look that will make you feel like your home has been completely remodeled. Slim Shaker doors are always in style in kitchens.