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Gorgeous Aqua Kitchen Cabinets for a Coastal Look


The sight of aqua immediately conjures up images of gentle ocean waves lapping at the shore. Bring that same peaceful, beachy vibe into your home with the addition of aqua kitchen cabinets. Paired with elements like weathered wood, rattan accents, and natural textures, aqua kitchen cabinets create a coastal kitchen design that feels bright and relaxing.

Aqua kitchen cabinets make a gorgeous statement while also lending a subtle nautical influence. Depending on the shade you select, aqua kitchen cabinets also pair beautifully with whites and neutrals as well as bolder accent colors like coral and teal. Read on for ideas on integrating aqua cabinets into your kitchen along with stunning backsplash and countertop ideas, hardware picks, and complementary decor.

Stylish Aqua Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


Antique or distressed aqua kitchen cabinets have an aged, weathered appearance that calls to mind driftwood and faded beach cottages. Pair distressed aqua cabinets with neutral countertops and backsplashes, as well as antique bronze or oil-rubbed bronze hardware for a cozy coastal kitchen.

For a more modern take, opt for sleek lacquered aqua cabinets or cabinets with an aqua glass front. Combining glossy aqua cabinets with marble, quartz, or concrete countertops creates stylish contrast. Stainless steel hardware keeps the look contemporary.

Not ready for full-on aqua cabinets? Try working the color in through a display cabinet or accent door fronts instead. An aqua glass cabinet front on an upper cabinet makes a pretty focal point without overpowering the space.

Soothing Aqua Backsplashes

Natural stone and tile backsplashes in soothing hues emphasize the beachy vibe of aqua kitchen cabinets. Try pale blue, green, or gray marble subway tiles or hexagons. Weathered plank tiles in muted whites, taupes, and grays make a nice companion to distressed aqua cabinets.

For more vibrancy, consider colorful glass or ceramic tile backsplashes. Moroccan fish scale tiles in shades of aqua, sea glass and sky blue add Mediterranean flavor behind aqua cabinets. Or try intense teal glass or ceramic subway tiles for tropical punch.

Aqua Kitchen Countertops


When it comes to aqua kitchen countertops, quartz and solid surface materials offer the closest color matches to aqua cabinetry. Try a Cambria quartz countertop in Annicca or Breccia Paradiso for an earthy, heavily-veined look. Or opt for Dupont Corian countertops in colors like Deep Cloud, Ravine or Atlantis for a solid, even aqua tone.

Concrete countertops are another smart choice for coastal kitchens with aqua cabinets, as they can be tinted or stained to achieve a weathered, beachy patina. Pair concrete counters with a crisp white subway tile backsplash to let those aqua cabinets truly shine.

Hardware and Decor for Aqua Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to hardware, opt for finishes like antique bronze, satin nickel, pewter and rubbed bronze. Cabinet pulls and handles in these warmer metal tones complement both modern and distressed aqua cabinets while emphasizing the coastal vibe. Weathered driftwood knobs also make an attractive accent.

Incorporate natural textures and accessories like woven baskets, rattan pendants, shells, aged wood cutting boards, and ceramic garden stools. Use turquoise, coral, sand, sea glass and sky blue glassware for pops of accent color. Finally, bring the beachy theme into living spaces beyond the kitchen with color-matched aqua barstools lined up at the kitchen island.

With their simultaneously soothing and vibrant hue, aqua kitchen cabinets make a gorgeous addition to contemporary, cottage and coastal kitchen designs. Selecting complementary backsplashes, countertops and decor elements allows you to craft a holistic aqua kitchen that feels open, breezy and full of style.

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What color paint goes well with aqua kitchen cabinets?

Popular paint colors to pair with aqua cabinets include light and airy neutrals like white, beige, light gray, and pale blue. Aqua also looks beautiful with pale greens like sage as well as coral and pale yellow paint colors.

What is the best backsplash for aqua kitchen cabinets?

Some great backsplash tile options for aqua cabinets include white and gray marble, weathered wood planks, moroccan fish scale tiles, subway tiles in soft blue, green, or gray, as well as glossy teal and aqua glass tiles.

What countertops match aqua kitchen cabinets?

Great countertop options to match aqua cabinets include white, gray and blue marbles like Carrara and Calacatta, concrete in natural gray tones, Cambria quartz options like Annicca and Brittanicca, and solid surface materials like Corian in colors such as Ravine, Atlantis, or Deep Cloud.

What type of flooring works with aqua kitchen cabinets?

Coastal-inspired flooring like weathered hardwoods, bleached oak, whitewashed wood planks and painted wood floors complement aqua cabinets beautifully. For TILE options, try natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles in neutral shades of white, gray and beige.

What hardware finishes look best with aqua kitchen cabinets?

Recommended hardware finishes for aqua cabinets include oil-rubbed bronze, antique bronze, brushed nickel, pewter, rubbed bronze and satin nickel. Aged brass also pairs nicely for more modern kitchens, while driftwood and seashell knobs add coastal charm.

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