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How to Calculate Installation Costs for Your IKEA Kitchen?

Installing a new kitchen can be a daunting task. Between the cost of the cabinets and appliances, to the installation fees, it’s easy to see why so many people are hesitant to take on such a project. But what if you could install your new IKEA kitchen? In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to calculate installation costs for your IKEA kitchen so that you can determine the suitable options for you.

IKEA cabinets are reasonably priced and attractive, but how much will an IKEA DIY kitchen renovation actually cost?

We are aware that when starting a kitchen remodel, professional designers enquire about the homeowner’s kitchen proportions and IKEA door style.

Additionally, IKEA’s design services provide a quick quote for a typical kitchen measurement, but these quotes are not credible because IKEA bases them on a standard kitchen layout of 10′ x 10′. (more on that later). In light of this, we’d like to share some information with you to help you better understand installation prices and possibilities, as well as some advice on how to DIY installation while saving money and stress, as well as some other things to think about as you begin your IKEA design project.

Costs And Options For IKEA Kitchen Installation:

Consider that you have several installation cost possibilities before starting your IKEA kitchen design project.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Installation Costs:

You have three options for how your installer or contractor will determine his fee: by the linear foot (total installation costs range from $150 to $380 per linear foot); per cabinet (each cabinet costs between $150 and $500); or as a flat rate for the entire work.

IKEA Kitchen Remodeling Costs:

On average, you should budget $2,500 for a smaller kitchen. Larger IKEA kitchens would cost closer to $3,600 or perhaps more.

Remember that this cost will increase if the cabinetry you choose is customized or comes from a separate cabinet maker, such as us the Allstyle Retrofit. Two persons should put together ten IKEA cabinets in an average of eight hours if you perform the installation yourself.

Because they haven’t made the time to compare the linear feet (LF) to the final pricing for a range of actual designs, many retailers and cabinet makers, including IKEA, utilize the conventional kitchen sizes of 10’x10′.

You need actual linear foot pricing, not abstract pricing if you want a quick estimate of how much your IKEA kitchen cabinets will cost. We are confident that your IKEA kitchen will be customized to meet your demands. Due diligence in your calculations and research will help you arrive at a realistic estimate.

Other Costs To Take Into Account When Remodeling Your IKEA Kitchen:

If you decide on a completely different design, the placement of the appliances can change. And that can entail moving the plumbing, electrical, or gas, which will cost you more money.

The materials for the countertops and backsplash, the price of new appliances, and the cost of accessories like hardware, faucets, additional IKEA lighting, and paint are other expenses to consider. Choosing dividers and organizers, such as the IKEA add-on sides for drawers, is essential if you want to make your area more effective.

IKEA Kitchen Installation Advice To Save Money:

For example, put together your own cabinets, as we mentioned. You may assemble your own cabinets and merely pay for installation if you’re systematic and persistent enough. The rest will be put together quickly once the first one is put together.

A professional designer is an additional option. Hiring a design expert will reduce installation time and expenses associated with frequent design errors, whether it is not having to deal with IKEA’s typically glitchy Home Planner software or simply not knowing all of the various parts of a kitchen design to ensure it performs well.

You may also consider removing your old cabinets and replacing them with new ones. Companies like us, the Allstyle Retrofit, can assist you with this task. Contact us for more information on replacing your old cabinets and customizing new ones according to your needs and choices.

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