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How Will Floating Shelves Add Value To Your Kitchen Renovation?

Open, airy spaces have replaced the confined, dark interiors of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s kitchen designs in recent years. Floating kitchen shelves are the greatest approach to produce these effects. Modern kitchens value characteristics that convey a feeling of openness and minimalism.

Floating kitchen shelves blend functionality, elegance, and a little bit of magic. They create the perfect surface for displaying a beautiful platter, concealing a plant, or storing a bottle of wine. If you have spent the last several years admiring kitchens with open shelves and wishing you had one in your own home, you will, without a doubt, love having a floating shelf in your house.

If you’re a homeowner like many others, you might be looking for methods to improve and enhance your house. Installing floating shelves is one simple method for doing this. With floating shelves, adding extra storage space to your home while displaying your stuff is easy. They can also be utilized to draw attention to a space and impart a certain aesthetic. Here are some ideas to get you started if you’re considering adding floating shelves to your house.

Ideas to Make Your Home Better with Floating Shelves:

• If your kitchen is classic or out-of-date: Remove the outdated upper cabinets and install floating shelves to give your kitchen a modern air.

• If your kitchen is quite small, install floating shelves high above to give it a sense of height.

• If your walls are empty, choose floating shelves in a contrasting colour and put them in a spot that is unattractive and lacking in aesthetic appeal. Put items on the shelves that you enjoy looking at. Think about getting dishes that either match your decor or stand out on your shelves visibly.

Where Should Floating Shelves Be Installed?

White and other neutral floating shelves look fantastic in practically every house room. In the bathroom, they provide a surface for candles, washcloths, and lotion bottles. Framed photographs, keepsakes, and fresh flowers can be displayed on your white floating shelves in the living room.

Install a number of floating shelves to create a temporary, open-sided bookcase in your bedroom or home office. Use unique, eye-catching bookends to hold books upright.

Some recommendations:

• Take your time when choosing the items for your floating shelves.

• Leave some space empty on your shelves to draw attention to how lovely and tidy they are.

• On your floating shelves, place attractive baskets to hide clutter and contain messes.

Do you need to reface your cabinets? Enhance Your New Look with Custom Floating Shelves

Working on a cabinet refacing job will certainly prompt you to consider further small upgrades to your kitchen’s decor. Adding floating shelves to your room is a cheap and helpful way to make it feel more like you. They are beautiful and practical, and they may be used for a variety of things.

These floating shelves can be painted or primed to match your new kitchen. Contact us today to purchase your customized shelves.

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