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IKEA SEKTION Base Cabinets: Build Your Dream Kitchen


Kitchen renovations can be daunting, but SEKTION base cabinets from IKEA make it easier to build your dream space. As the foundation of your new IKEA kitchen, these adjustable modular cabinets offer smart storage to suit your cooking and lifestyle needs.

Crafted using quality materials like solid wood and particle board, SEKTION’s durability ensures they’ll withstand years of everyday use. The variety of sizes, heights, widths, colors and storage configurations allow you to mix-and-match for a custom kitchen look suited precisely for you.

Finding the Right Base Cabinet Foundation

As the anchor for your kitchen design, choosing the proper base cabinets is crucial. SEKTION’s vast selection ensures you find the ideal height, depth, and features for your family and cooking requirements. Consider what you’ll store, prep and cook before deciding.

Foodies may prioritize specialty pull-outs and spice racks, while chaotic households need maximized vertical storage solutions. If anyone’s mobility-impaired, customize drawer access and confirm ergonomic heights.

Don’t forget awkward corner spaces! With SEKTION’s specialized units and variable heights through adjustable legs, you can transform wasted space into functional storage.


Standard Width and Depth Options

SEKTION cabinets are available in widths spanning 15” to 48”, at both 24” and 30” depths. Standard kitchen layouts usually incorporate a mix of widths like:

  • 15-18” for corner units or either side of appliances
  • 24-30” for major appliances like dishwashers, ovens or fridge housing
  • 36-48” for primary prep and sink areas

Make sure to measure existing appliances and confirm widths can accommodate them. Use IKEA’s online kitchen planner tool if unsure.

While 30″ deep lower cabinets maximize interior storage capacity, the 24” depth ensures users of all mobility levels can comfortably access contents. Using a thoughtful combination allows you to build a kitchen for both storage and accessibility.

Customizing Heights

Beyond standard 34 1⁄2” tall base cabinets, SEKTION offers specialty options to build varying height levels that enhance both form and function.

Extra Tall Units (36”)

Go bold by incorporating a few extra tall 36” base cabinets to break up sightlines. Often utilized on one side of a refrigerator or stove to align with their height. Makes a striking style statement.

High Cabinets (40” )

Use near countertop workstations for ergonomic prep areas when chopping ingredients or rolling dough. Easier on your back than hunching over standard height cabinets.

Tall Units (80-88”)

Incorporate as stand alone pantry storage. Or install floor-to-ceiling beside a fridge with a filler panel. Maximize unused vertical real estate.

Plinth Drawers (4-5”)

Gain discreet hidden storage with minimal height plinth drawers installed directly under upper cabinets. Perfect for things like table linens, kitchen towels, bakeware, pot lids or even pet bowls.

Storage Configurations

Beyond widths, depths and heights – pay close attention to interior storage elements. Drawers or shelves? Roomy open cabinetry or smart pull-outs? Ensure you incorporate specialized storage solutions into select SEKTION base units tailored exactly as needed.

Do you bake frequently? Consider including:

  • A base cabinet with smooth-rolling drawers to neatly organize cookie sheets, muffin tins, cake pans and silicone mats all in one spot.
  • A corner base lazy susan to hold bulk dry goods like flour and sugar without creating a cumbersome black hole.
  • Open shelving to neatly display pretty mixing bowls at an easy access height.

Other smart ideas include:

  • Spice drawer inserts to corral those tiny jars.
  • Tray dividers that make storing/removing large platters easier.
  • Wine glass holders so stems don’t nick and shatter.
  • Deep roll-out trays that ensures nothing gets lost in back corners.

Truly customizing your SEKTION base units by selecting specialized elements like these allows you to build a kitchen catered directly towards your family’s needs.

Mixing and Matching Styles for a Bespoke Look

Beyond smart storage, SEKTION cabinets allow you to curate your own one-of-a-kind style through mixing-and-matching. By thoughtfully combining varying:

  • Door styles
  • Colors
  • Finishes
  • Hardware

You can achieve a bespoke kitchen that aligns with your personal taste and design aesthetic.

Playing with Different Door Styles

SEKTION offers a variety of door styles spanning sleek, modern designs to more traditional wood options. Mix things up by selecting different ones for upper and lower cabinets. Or use one door style for perimeter cabinetry, and another for island or peninsula base units.

Those desiring a light and airy contemporary vibe should consider high-gloss white, gray or beige framed glass doors. They visually expand the kitchen while reflecting light beautifully.

For more traditional schemes, warm wooden effect doors (like Askersund oak) add gorgeous organic texture. Pair with visible feet or plinth drawers to play up the classic charm.

Want something utterly unique? Then go bold by choosing a modern matte color (perhaps forest green?) on several base cabinets, keeping remaining units crisp white. Turn your kitchen into a showcase!

Using Color to Make a Statement

Beyond different door styles, leveraging SEKTION’s range of color options is an easy route towards a custom look. Many stick with fail-safe white or light grey kitchen cabinetry, but utilizing bolder colors is a fabulous way to inject more personality.

Need to perk things up? Then go playful by using a vibrant hue like Volcano Red or Turquoise for a fun accent. Color blocking works wonderfully to differentiate kitchen zones. Imagine all perimeter cabinets in white, with island units popping in Sapphire Blue glass.

Prefer calmer palettes? Then create delineation with quieter hues like Light Grey or Sage Green on lower cabinets. Accented by either white or wood-toned uppers. This adds gentle dimension through smart color blocking.

Experimenting with Different Finishes


Alongside varying door styles and colors, SEKTION allows you to pick from an array of sleek, modern matte finishes or opt for more traditional wood effects. Using different ones in combinations adds incredible depth and high-end bespoke detailing.

For example, perimeter base cabinets could be crisp Solid White with recessed handles for a flawless contemporary look. While a kitchen island could feature Noble Wood Oak fronts with visible feet and knobs for striking contrast.

Finish off the custom detail by adding molding above the oak island cabinets painted the same tone. And/or include a wood laminate butcher block countertop over the island to continue the luxe organic texture.

Finding the Right Hardware

Don’t underestimate the power of hardware like knobs and handles to transform SEKTION cabinets with unique personality.

While integrated recessed finger-pulls keep things stark and streamlined, hardware introduces eye-catching accents through varied aesthetics. Go sleek with matte black pulls, or add a hit of shine choosing brushed brass knobs.

Alternatively have fun by using hardware to introduce an artisanal element, like vintage-style ceramic knobs. And don’t be afraid to use varying ones in the same kitchen! Mismatched hardware, when thoughtfully chosen, adds eclectic personalized punch.

Quality Construction for Years of Use

Alongside the style possibilities, SEKTION base cabinets also provide long-lasting everyday function with quality materials and precision Swedish construction.

Each modular cabinet touts thicker fronts to seamlessly integrate handles and disguise hinges, keeping aligned lines crisp for years. Interiors include solid wood shelves and durable plastic drawers.

Doors and drawer fronts consist of foil-wrapped particleboard sourced from sustainable forests. The foil helps decrease wear and tear from daily use. Sturdy frames on certain glass door styles add further reinforcement so they effortlessly withstand frequent opening/closing.

For added stability, specially designed legs are included allowing variable height adjustments between 2” to 10”. Ensuring base cabinets sit perfectly level, even on uneven floors. Increase as needed to match added height from potential flooring with insulation/sound-deadening properties.

Then simply lock them in place at the optimum position using integrated easy-to-tighten screws. This customization possibility accounts for varied user ergonomic needs.

With quality components and careful construction, you can feel fully confident in SEKTION’s durability. They’ll withstand busy households for over 20+ years. Meaning you can focus on designing your perfect custom look knowing the foundations are covered.

SEKTION base cabinets truly allow IKEA kitchens to be personalized places catering exactly to each family’s style and organizational requirements.

Offering incredible choice and carefully built adjustable foundations, the only real limit when building your dream IKEA kitchen is your imagination.

So explore all the possibilities with SEKTION’s vast range of widths, heights, depths, colors and storage accessories allowing you to thoughtfully customize. Then finally install a kitchen uniquely your own featuring everything needed and nothing wasted for maximum everyday enjoyment.


What are some tips for organizing my pots and pans in SEKTION base cabinets?

Use wide, shallow drawer organizers to neatly store pots and pans in a single layer. This allows you to easily see contents instead of items getting buried. Or install wire shelves to neatly store stacked cookware. Just ensure cabinets are deep enough (30”) to have space.

What height should I choose for corner SEKTION base cabinet units?

For ease of access, choose standard 34 1⁄2” height corner base cabinets. But to maximize vertical storage capacity in a narrow footprint, opt for floor-to-ceiling pantry units (80-88”) next to the fridge. Include sliding shelves or pull-out baskets to easily access contents.

How much weight can SEKTION base cabinets hold?

SEKTION cabinets are reinforced to handle 100 lbs of weight on shelves, and 55 lbs inside each drawer. But always position heavier appliances like ovens directly on the floor instead of base cabinet tops to prevent damage over time from excessive weight.

Should I choose drawers or a mix of drawers and shelves for SEKTION base cabinets?

This depends on your storage needs and what you intend to place inside. Drawers conveniently keep items organized as you can see contents at a glance. But shelves allow you to maximize unused vertical space. Using a combo of both gives you flexibility to compartmentalize kitchen items.

What is the best way to clean SEKTION cabinets?

When necessary, wipe clean the outside of cabinets with a slightly moist microfiber cloth. For interiors, vacuum out crumbs and dust with a brush attachment, then periodically wipe down shelves with an all-purpose cleaner. Always wipe spills promptly to prevent staining or damage over time. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

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