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Our White Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinets Embody Hygge Design


The clean, bright aesthetic of Scandinavian design has become beloved around the world for its warmth, simplicity and dedication to functionality. This Danish interior decorating style, focused on natural materials and lots of light, aims to create peaceful, welcoming living spaces that enhance wellbeing – an overall concept the Danes call “hygge”.

Our custom matte white kitchen cabinets exude the essence of hygge. Built from solid wood in a range of Shaker, recessed panel and glass front styles, our cabinetry brings the light into your cooking space. Crisp white finishes allow the natural grain to show through for a textural, organic look in line with Scandinavian principals.

The Meaning Behind Hygge

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish word used to describe cozy, charming spaces that promote security, comfort and contentment. Some interpretations translate it to “coziness of the soul”.


The Scandinavian concept is linked to the long, harsh winters endured in Nordic countries. During cold, dark months, residents focus on creating warm, welcoming interiors. Candles, fires, plush blankets and good company take priority in cultivating domestic tranquility.

White color schemes are intrinsic to hygge. Pale backdrops allow precious winter sunlight to bounce around and maximize brightness. Crisp finishes also enhance the clean, sparse Scandi look by preventing visual clutter.

Our matte white cabinets align with this cheerful, informal aesthetic for cooking spaces filled with light and dedicated to gathering.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Principles

Scandinavian kitchen design adheres to several signature styles that influence the streamlined look embodied by our handcrafted cabinetry:


Abundant natural light is essential for the trademark bright, airy atmosphere of Nordic kitchen spaces. Windows and skylights take focus, while reflective finishes in white and light wood tones amplify illumination. Our matte white cabinetry contributes to lighting efficiency by allowing rays to scatter freely.


Natural, raw materials like solid wood, stone and marble make frequent appearances in Scandinavian rooms to bring organic textures indoors. Our solid wood cabinet boxes and doors celebrate the regional preference for tactile, eco-friendly elements rooted in nature. The smooth matte finish protects the natural grain for a textural look.



Clean lines, open layouts, and sparse accessorizing are Scandinavian go-tos for preventing clutter and focusing on essentials. Our smooth cabinet fronts and integrated hardware align with the muted minimalism. Built-in glass fronts add lightweight visibility.


Every design choice emphasizing aesthetics links back to functionality in Scandinavian rooms. From abundant shelving for storage to durable finishes that age gracefully, quality craftsmanship takes precedence. Our dovetailed drawers, soft-close hinges and custom organization represent this dedication to intention and practicality

How Our Cabinetry Achieves the Hygge Look

Our matte white cabinetry embraces Scandinavian design norms both stylistically and philosophically. Crisp Shaker doors with visible woodgrain marry the bright, sparse regional aesthetic with organic materials and a dedication to longevity. Custom sizing and storage solutions also cater to practicality for authentic hygge interiors.
Below are some of our most popular cabinetry elements for achieving the cozy, inviting environment characterized by this Nordic design concept:

Crisp Matte White Finish

Our hand-painted matte white finish spotlights the natural woodgrain below for a muted, textural look in line with Scandinavian simplicity. The ultra-matte texture also amplifies lighting by allowing ample reflection. Custom staining is available for darker hygge palettes.

Exposed Shelving

Open shelving maintains visual clarity to align with Scandinavian minimalism while offering diverse storage options. We craft fixed ledges and adjustable shelves from premium plywood. Sturdy solid wood brackets offer customized placement.

Glass Door Cabinets


Integrated glass fronts provide a lightweight sense of openness. While preventing dust and grease accumulation better than exposed shelving, glass doors maintain visibility. We construct frames from solid wood to match cabinet interiors or stain to contrast.

Farmhouse Sink Base

Farmhouse sinks require special consideration when pairing with cabinets. We craft custom bases to ensure a flush fit. Available as a stand-alone piece or integrated into the cabinetry design, we sizes ink bases precisely to measurements.

Custom Drawers and Interior Storage

Thoughtful organization solutions define kitchen practicality. We construct drawers and pull-outs tailored to your needs using dovetail joinery. Integrated Tupperware-like containers, knife blocks, appliance garages and other specialty storage promote order.

By marrying the ethos behind hygge and its signature interior style, our cabinets actualize the form and function central to Scandinavian living. Our matte white finish options, visible woodgrain and custom storage solutions create peaceful kitchen spaces dedicated to gathering and enjoying simpler pleasures. Work with our designers to craft cabinetry catered to your needs that embodies this inviting Nordic design aesthetic.

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What wood species do you use for the cabinets?

We craft our Scandinavian-style cabinets from solid oak, maple, cherry, hickory and walnut depending on the desired finish. Oak works especially well for achieving the light wood tones that align with the airy Scandi aesthetic.

What color stain options are available?

Along with our signature matte white finish, we also offer custom staining ranging from Nordic-inspired light grays to darker walnut. Distressed, rub-through finishes are also available for a timeworn rustic look.

Can I incorporate open shelving into my design?

Absolutely! We can incorporate wall-mounted open shelving and rail systems into the cabinetry design. The visible ledges maintain sightlines and align with the minimalist Scandi principles. sturdy solid wood brackets allow for customized placement and sizing.

How are the glass cabinet fronts constructed?

Our glass door cabinets feature frames handcrafted from solid wood that matches the rest of the cabinetry or contrasts, depending on preference. We use tempered glass secured with integrated hinges to prevent dust buildup while maintaining visibility.

What storage customization options do you offer?

All of our Scandinavian-inspired cabinets can accommodate customized interiors. From specialized cutlery organizers to custom-sized appliances garages, spice drawers and beyond, our woodworkers creates organization elements tailored to your cooking needs.

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