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Laminate Shaker – Alpha Sheer Beauty KA581 – Shaker Door Sample – Allstyle Kitchen Cabinet


Sheer Beauty KA581, is available in the Laminate Alpha Sheer Beauty Shaker Door – Alpha series.

This door’s colour code is KA581.

The door measures 3/4″ thick.


Laminate Alpha Sheer Beauty Shaker Door – Any kitchen would benefit greatly from having a laminate Alpha Sheer Beauty KA581 Shaker Door from the Alpha line. These doors, which have a 3/4″ thickness, are made from high-quality materials to guarantee their longevity and enduring beauty. The shaker design delivers a timeless and classic appearance that is always in fashion. Your kitchen will feel cozier with the KA581 colour scheme, which is welcoming and warm. The Laminate Shaker Doors – Alpha series, featuring the Sheer Beauty KA581 door, is a dependable and attractive option whether you’re planning a whole kitchen renovation or looking to update current cabinetry.


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