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Natural Wood – Lancaster – Shaker Door Sample – Kitchen Cabinet Doors


The Natural Wood Lancaster shaker door, with its classic appeal, adds beauty and sophistication to your kitchen.

Fully finished 10″x10″ sample door.


The Natural Wood Lancaster shaker door brings timeless elegance to your kitchen, infusing it with a touch of style and class. Crafted from premium natural wood, these doors are designed to enhance the overall aesthetic while maintaining exceptional quality.

The Lancaster door, a popular choice for retrofit projects, showcases a recessed panel design inspired by the classic Shaker-style doors, but with a modern twist. Constructed with a solid natural wood frame, these doors exude durability and charm. The smooth finish highlights the natural beauty of the wood, elevating the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Choose the Lancaster door if you desire a timeless look that never goes out of style. With its superior craftsmanship and use of natural wood, this door is a perfect choice for those seeking enduring elegance. Upgrade your kitchen with our Allstyle Natural Wood Lancaster shaker doors and transform it into a captivating space.

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