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Slim Shaker Door – Chameleon KA584 – Allstyle Kitchen Cabinet


Introducing the Chameleon KA584 Slim Shaker Door: a versatile and stylish choice for your space. This door belongs to the Tafisa Gamma series, known for its quality craftsmanship. With a door thickness of 3/4″, it offers durability and a solid feel. The KA584 colour code adds a touch of intrigue and adaptability to any room. Elevate your interior with the Chameleon KA584 Slim Shaker Door.


Chameleon Slim Shaker Door – Any kitchen renovation benefits from the elegant touch that slim shaker doors bring. For those wishing to modernize their home with something more contemporary, the Chameleon KA584 narrow shaker doors are the best option. The KA584 colour thin shaker door stands out among these doors since they are created from the same textured plates and decor sheets and come in a range of hues. It gives any place a sense of grandeur with its 3/4″ thickness.


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