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Textured Laminate – Egger – Chocolate Carini Walnut – Slab Door Sample – Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Experience the exquisite beauty of our Chocolate Carini Walnut textured laminate Egger slab doors in your IKEA kitchen. The deep chocolate brown hue, complemented by the realistic woodgrain texture, adds warmth and depth to your space. Whether incorporated into traditional or contemporary kitchen cabinets, these doors offer a sense of timeless charm and sophistication, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The Chocolate Carini Walnut textured laminate door combines a classic Carini Walnut appearance with a modern touch. It features a rich brown color with dark chocolate accents, adding depth and sophistication to any kitchen or living space.

This door is versatile and suitable for use on both large surfaces and small accent items, allowing for seamless integration into various design applications. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinets or add a touch of elegance to smaller decor elements, the Chocolate Carini Walnut textured laminate door provides a timeless and stylish solution.


These textured laminate Egger slab doors feature woodgrain patterns and are crafted from high-performance Italian “textured” melamine laminate. The laminate is skillfully embossed, aligned with the grain, creating a remarkably realistic wood appearance. The doors and panels can be customized with the grain running vertically or horizontally, allowing for versatile design options. A durable matching edge band completes the perimeter of the door, ensuring a finished look. This exceptional product strikes the perfect balance between beauty and durability, making it a winning choice for any kitchen. The Textured Laminate Egger Chocolate Carini Walnut Slab Door adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen.

The Chocolate Carini Walnut variation of the Carini Walnut decor series offers a classic walnut look with a modern touch. With its soft planking, it is suitable for use in both small accent pieces and large surface areas, providing versatility in design applications.

This rich brown color with dark chocolate accents presents a fresh take on a well-established brown tone, capable of embodying both classic and modern aesthetics. It pairs harmoniously with light woodgrain hues, creating striking contrasts, and can be combined with warm or cool solid colors to achieve a contemporary and updated look in your space.

The ST12 Omnipore Matt texture adds authenticity to furniture and accessories, giving them a natural and genuine look and feel of wood. With its natural texture, the Chocolate Carini Walnut enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere to your living space.


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