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Textured Laminate – Egger – Grey-Beige Tossini Elm – Slab Door Sample – Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Embrace contemporary charm with our Grey-Beige Tossini Elm textured laminate Egger slab doors. The striking combination of grey and beige tones, along with the realistic woodgrain texture, adds a modern touch to your IKEA kitchen. These doors, whether built into your kitchen cabinets or used to complement other minimalist features, can instantly upgrade the look of your home.

The Grey-Beige Tossini Elm textured laminate door showcases a stunning natural woodgrain structure that embraces the rising popularity of elm in furniture design. Its color palette of grey-beige is versatile and can be paired with various solid colors, allowing for endless design possibilities.

Enhancing the authenticity of the decor, the embossed-in-register ST33 Feelwood Crafted texture provides a tactile highlight, adding depth and visual interest to the door. This texture not only enhances the natural woodgrain structure but also provides a tactile experience that mimics the feel of real wood.

With its captivating woodgrain and adaptable color combination, the Grey-Beige Tossini Elm textured laminate door is an awesome choice for those seeking a modern and versatile option for their kitchen cabinets. Its natural and tactile qualities bring warmth and character to any kitchen design.


These textured laminate Egger slab doors feature woodgrain patterns and are crafted from high-performance Italian “textured” melamine laminate. The laminate is skillfully embossed, aligned with the grain, creating a remarkably realistic wood appearance. The doors and panels can be customized with the grain running vertically or horizontally, allowing for versatile design options. A durable matching edge band completes the perimeter of the door, ensuring a finished look. This exceptional product strikes the perfect balance between beauty and durability, making it a winning choice for any kitchen. The Textured Laminate Egger Grey Beige Tossini Elm Slab Door adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen design.

The Grey-beige Tossini Elm decor species is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the growing popularity of elm in furniture design. This decor showcases an elegant and natural woodgrain structure, enhanced by a pearlescent base that adds depth to the pattern. The versatile color play of the decor allows for seamless pairing with a wide range of solid colors, making it a perfect choice for modern designs and versatile applications.

One of the standout features of the Grey-beige Tossini Elm is the embossed-in-register ST33 Feelwood Crafted texture. This texture adds a tactile highlight to the decor, featuring matte wood pores and a deep-brushed character that enhances the authenticity of the design. Additionally, the extra large pattern repeat (XL-Repeat) ensures that the decor maintains its authentic look even on large surfaces, convincingly replicating the natural look and feel of wood.

Whether you’re seeking a decor for small accent pieces or large surface applications, the Grey-beige Tossini Elm is an excellent choice. Its beautiful natural woodgrain structure, versatile color play, and tactile highlights make it the perfect option for modern designs, adding elegance and sophistication to any space.


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