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Textured Laminate – Egger – Natural Bardolino Oak – Slab Door Sample – Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Heighten your IKEA kitchen design with the timeless beauty of our Natural Bardolino Oak textured laminate Egger slab doors. The rich and authentic woodgrain texture, paired with the natural Bardolino Oak finish, adds a touch of sophistication to your space. Whether incorporated into modern kitchen cabinets or white kitchen cabinets, these doors exude a sense of timeless elegance, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

The Natural Bardolino Oak textured laminate door exhibits a rough-sawn character, providing a natural and handcrafted appearance. Its ST10 Deepskin Rough texture enriches the rustic appeal, adding depth and authenticity to the design.

With a natural color palette, this door coordinates beautifully with neutrals such as beige, grey, and brown and vibrant accent colors. Its versatile tones allow for seamless integration into various kitchen designs, bringing warmth and charm to the space. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy and traditional kitchen or a more contemporary look, the Natural Bardolino Oak textured laminate door effortlessly complements your desired aesthetic.



These textured laminate Egger slab doors feature woodgrain patterns and are crafted from high-performance Italian “textured” melamine laminate. The laminate is skillfully embossed, aligned with the grain, creating a remarkably realistic wood appearance. The doors and panels can be customized with the grain running vertically or horizontally, allowing for versatile design options. A durable matching edge band completes the perimeter of the door, ensuring a finished look. This exceptional product strikes the perfect balance between beauty and durability, making it a winning choice for any kitchen. The Textured Laminate Egger Natural Bardolino Oak Slab Door exudes timeless elegance and exceptional durability.

The Natural Bardolino Oak laminate door is ideal for those seeking a natural and rustic look for their kitchen cabinets. This decor variant boasts a more authentic and artisanal feel compared to standard oak due to its rough-sawn appearance. The ST10 Deepskin Rough texture enhances the door’s authentic wood look and texture, further amplifying its inherent rustic charm.

The natural color palette of the Natural Bardolino Oak door harmonizes beautifully with beige, gray, and brown tones, offering versatility in coordinating with various design elements. Many contemporary kitchens feature a blend of white and light wood to create a minimalist and elegant space, and the natural oak color scheme complements this style perfectly. Additionally, the natural oak color can create captivating contrast when paired with darker cabinets or flooring. The Natural Bardolino Oak door is an excellent choice for those desiring a warm, inviting, and natural aesthetic for their kitchen cabinets.


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