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SEKTION Door Styles: Customize Your Dream Kitchen


Customizing your kitchen with SEKTION cabinetry offers endless possibilities for creating your dream space. You can create a modern kitchen that is uniquely suited to your needs and tastes by choosing from a variety of door types, finishes, colours, and storage solutions.

Traditional Elegance With SEKTION Shaker Doors


Characterized by their simple, clean lines and visible center panels, SEKTION shaker doors impart traditional charm and elegance. The five-piece construction comprises a recessed central panel bordered by a frame. Their fuss-free styling makes them highly adaptable to both modern and conventional kitchen decors.

Shaker-style cabinets became icons of practicality and innovativeness during their historical origins. Today, they retain those solid values while blending seamlessly into kitchens with contrasting aesthetics. Their minimalist elegance adds balance and stability to ornate interiors rich with metal finishes and glass accents. With furnishing trends leaning heavily toward retro nostalgia, the enduring innocence of Shaker doors feels relevant across generations.

SEKTION shaker doors come in a variety of colors and finishes to meet your personal style requirements. Their brilliant white lacquer finish creates a crisp, airy look that brightens small kitchen layouts. For added character, opt for the medium brown stained ash veneer or the deeper walnut effect. Dress them up further with decorative Moldings and Legs. Keep the look consistent by opting for matching SEKTION shaker drawers and organizational interior fittings.

Contemporary Chic: Integrated Handles on SEKTION Doors

For a seamlessly sleek look, choose SEKTION doors with integrated handles. Devoid of obstructive knobs and handles, these full-overlay doors create a stunningly minimalist aesthetic. Their smooth surface remains uninterrupted, giving your kitchen an ultra-modern and opulent feel.

The integrated handle design comes in a range cabinet door styles. Their cohesive appearance blends beautifully to design a sophisticated monochromatic kitchen. Contrast them with bold metallic finishes and glass components to design an edgy, contemporary cooking space. Or mix them up with shaker-style doors and drawers to strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Customize integrated handle kitchen cabinets by playing around with colors. Crisp white and light gray are eternally elegant choices. Deep blue or emerald green integrated style doors make exciting contemporary color statements. For a slightly underplayed look, try warm wood tones ranging from dark walnut to light oak finishes.

Ensure full functionality in your handleless cabinets with cleverly designed internal opening mechanisms. SEKTION Maximera drawers open smoothly at the touch of your hand. Legrabox drawers feature recessed grips offering easy access within deep cabinets. Use specialized pull-outs and insert fittings to organize the interiors according to your cooking needs.

Warm Traditional Charm: SEKTION Panel Doors

SEKTION panel doors feature a solid wood frame surrounding a flat center panel. This classic design brings traditional elegance with visual depth and texture. The rich wood grain patterns and range of natural tones create an inherently warm and inviting look.

Panel door styles encompass various aesthetic sensibilities spanning from the 17th century to mid 20th century. Their historic architectural links make them versatile design components. The broad frames bring structural prominence, contrasting beautifully with stainless steel countertops and open ceiling trusses. For a more ornate traditional style try panel doors with lower Intrall glass panels. Or simplify the look with plain slab cabinet fronts. Customize further with choice of elegant Moldings.

SEKTION wood panel doors come in a variety of finishes from golden oak medium brown ash veneer to dark brown walnut effects. The grained texture adds delightful visual interest while the neutral tones keep the look consistently elegant. Play with contrasts using crisp white colors for perimeter cabinet doors while choosing wood panels for the kitchen island. For perfectly synchronized two-toned elegance match white SEKTION shaker fronts with sleek wood panel frames.

Traditional kitchens deserve quality hardware. Upgrade your custom design with decorative Ribba handles or intricate Harligen knobs in matte black metal, brass or nickel. Include organizing interiors like deep wire baskets, specialized cutlery trays, spice racks and Tupperware inserts. Keep the theme flowing consistently with matching SEKTION drawer fronts and mock panels for appliances.

Scandinavian Minimalism With Sektion High Gloss Doors

Sleek and streamlined, the SEKTION high gloss fronts are quintessentially Scandinavian in their ultra-minimalist aesthetics. These elegant lacquered finishes feature subtle texture and remarkable depth. From brilliant white and antique grey to deep blue and vibrant red – the color choices impart quintessential European luxury.

Devoid of unnecessary fringing and ornate accents, these handleless glossy doors allow their sublime colors take centerstage. Complement them by mixing with Frosta glass-fronted doors for textural contrasts. Or team them up with plain SEKTION shaker fronts painted in the same color. Panel them with gloss foil interior fittings painted in dark complementary tones.

The liquid gloss finishes reflect light serenely, imparting ethereal grace and spaciousness to small kitchen layouts. Their purity of form deviates focus toward carefully chosen metallic and wood accents. A single designer pendant light becomes a shining beacon surrounded by these understated, noise-canceling surfaces. Essential furnishings like the marble-topped Nordmarke island and stainless steel Anywhere rails gain spotlight within this silent architecture.

For flawless functionality ensure all handleless SEKTION units have specialized internal mechanisms like push-to-open fittings. Maintain consistency by opting for Maximera drawers featuring recessed grips. Keep interiors clutter-free with customized inserts like spice racks, cutlery organizers and Tupperware kitchen fittings.

Unique Personality: SEKTION Custom Doors


For the ultimate dream kitchen opt for SEKTION Custom doors designed specially to order. Anthropic is uniquely adept at visualizing and executing your personal vision. Share images of kitchen styles inspiring your dream design. Specify preferred door styles, choice of hardware pieces, textures, materials and any unique decorative accents you desire.

Customization offers extensive versatility. Preserve psychological comfort by replicating a favorite childhood kitchen layout. Memorialize heritage by recreating ancestral architectural details that symbolize family traditions. Or simply ensure adequate provisioning for differently-abled assistance.

Do you dream of a singularly distinctive interior decorated with glass-fronted display cabinets holding precious porcelain collections? Anthropic can design Custom shaker doors with tempered glass fronts and customized integrated lighting to beautifully showcase your curated kitchen crockery.

Look forward to innovative storage solutions like pull-out larder units or specialized drawers integrated for kneading dough. Include self-opening trash pull-outs, handy appliance garages to stash your stand mixer and hidden pantry cabinets for smart space management.

With Anthropic, You imagine. We create.

Designing Distinctive Kitchens With SEKTION Doors

The versatile SEKTION system offers every kitchen furniture component you need to create fully customized cooking spaces. With extensive choices in door styles, colors, storage solutions and organizational fittings you can manifest your singular vision or recreate quintessential styles prominent in Europe and America.

Shaker, integrated handle, panel and high gloss fronts can be mixed and matched to design everything from ornately traditional hardwood kitchens to ultra-minimalist Scandinavian spaces. Custom door styles help manifest truly individual personality. With SEKTION signature components like Maximera drawers, Legrabox interiors, specialty pull-outs and Moldings – every functional aspect blends seamlessly into your bespoke design.


Can I have cabinets with integrated handles on just the base cabinets or wall cabinets?

Yes, with SEKTION customization you get to choose integrated handle fronts separately for your base units, wall cabinets and even the island. You can pick this sleek handleless style for just one section to contrast the rest.

What is the best way to organize interiors of handleless SEKTION cabinets?

Use specialized fittings like push-to-open mechanisms for trash pull-outs and Maximera drawers with recessed grips for integrated handle kitchens. Maintain easy access via customized inserts like cutlery trays, spice racks and deep drawers as per cooking needs.

Can I design a combination of shaker, integrated and high gloss SEKTION fronts?

Absolutely! SEKTION’s mix and match versatility allows you to combine door styles within the same kitchen. Try high gloss walls punctuated with shaker-fronted islands or integrated handle base cabinets contrasting sleek panel door wall units.

Where can I view more images of Custom SEKTION door design projects?

Yes, Anthropic offers specialized customization for accessibility needs of differently-abled home owners. We can design ergonomic cooking spaces integrating customized storage solutions like pull-out larders, wheelchair-accessible base cabinets and easy-grip handles on doors and drawers. Our design consultants would be happy to discuss and tailor SEKTION kitchens to meet your accessibility requirements.

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