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SEKTION Pantry Cabinets: Organized Spaces for Every Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home. As such, having organized kitchen storage is essential for any household. Specifically designed for organization and customization, IKEA’s SEKTION pantry cabinet system enables homeowners to maximize kitchen storage in a stylish way.

An Introduction to the SEKTION System


The SEKTION system is IKEA’s newest line of kitchen cabinets. It features a versatile range of modular cabinets, fronts, and interior fittings. With customizable sizing and flexible design capabilities, SEKTION allows DIYers to create a customized kitchen that matches their personal style.

Specifically, the SEKTION pantry cabinets provide high-density organized storage while taking up minimal floorspace. Available in a range of frame, door, and interior options, SEKTION pantries can be tailored to hold everything from food staples to small appliances to dinnerware collections. Thoughtful dividers, pull-out baskets, and other interior fittings ensure items can be neatly stored and easily accessed.

Well-designed pantry storage offers a multitude of household benefits:

  • Keeps frequently used items within reach
  • Reduces kitchen clutter
  • Enables categorization of food and supplies
  • Maximizes storage capacity

With its savvy storage capabilities, visually appealing cabinetry, and custom craftsmanship, the SEKTION pantry cabinet system delivers on all fronts.

Designing Your Custom SEKTION Pantry

SEKTION allows for nearly endless customization options. To design the pantry cabinet that best fits your household’s needs, consider the following elements:

Cabinet Frames

SEKTION offers cabinet frames made from solid wood or glass.

Solid Wood Frames feature a durable wood construction on five sides, with a back panel made from fiberboard. The interior surface matches the frame’s exterior, giving a seamless, quality finish. The timeless beauty of solid wood frames makes them an excellent choice for both modern and classic kitchen designs.

Glass Frames make use of frosted or clear tempered glass rather than wood. The glass surround gives cabinets an airy, illuminating effect. The sleek transparency creates a lightweight visual effect, complementing modern or minimalist kitchen elements.

Interior Storage Solutions

To organize supplies efficiently, SEKTION integrates smart storage fittings inside each pantry cabinet. Mix and match from the following options:

Drawers are available in a variety of heights and widths, enabling customization within the cabinet space. Integrated compartments keep contents sorted neatly.

Shelving maximizes vertical storage space. Shelves can be adjusted or removed completely to accommodate different item heights.

Pull-Out Baskets mounted on drawer glides roll out fully for easy access to contents. These provide a clear view of all stored items at a glance.

Door Designs

SEKTION offers pantry doors in styles that align with your desired kitchen aesthetic:

Solid Doors give a traditional cabinet appearance. Choose from slab, shaker, or decorative framed designs. Solid doors keep pantry contents neatly tucked away.

Glass Doors enable visibility inside the pantry space. Frosted or clear glass suits modern styles. The transparent view makes locating items fast and easy.

Customizing Your SEKTION Pantry Storage

Part of SEKTION’s appeal lies in its outstanding customizability. IKEA empowers homeowners to adjust sizing specifications and select specialized fixtures to create their ideal pantry setup.

Sizing Options

SEKTION cabinets are available in standard IKEA kitchen sizes. However, the system also allows for customized measurements to precisely fit your space. Unique sizing may be especially beneficial for pantries, which often occupy challenging nooks or corners. Consider your kitchen layout and specific storage requirements when deciding on cabinet dimensions. Expert IKEA kitchen planners can assist with designing custom-sized SEKTION pieces.

In addition to width and depth, customize the pantry’s height. Standard cabinet cases stretch 30 or 36 inches tall. For pantries, selecting a cabinet that extends all the way to the ceiling maximizes storage capacity. SEKTION’s versatility enables homeowners to achieve that optimized height, no matter their ceiling span.

Specialty Features

Beyond fundamental frames and fronts, additional SEKTION elements allow for enhanced functionality. Incorporate fixtures like:

Interior Lighting – LED lighting strips mounted inside the cabinet provide illumination once doors are opened. Especially helpful for deeper pantries, this enables clear visibility.

Glass Door Options – Doors featuring tempered glass inserts give a glimpse inside the cabinet. Choose between clear and frosted finishes, in a range of styles. Glass doors with steel grids or wooden beams provide decorative detail.

Custom Interior Dividers – Further organize your SEKTION pantry by incorporating metal mesh or solid wood shelving with adjustable divisions. These can separate categories like snacks, vegetables, or dinner supplies neatly.

Pull-Out Shelves – Mounted on smooth ball-bearing glides, pull-out shelves fully extend to deliver complete access without having to reach deep into the pantry space. Some feature a tip-down function that lowers the front shelf edge for ergonomic access.

Inspirational Style Ideas

The wide range of aesthetic possibilities makes a customized SEKTION pantry cabinet a centerpiece of any kitchen design. Whether your taste runs modern, traditional, industrial, or farmhouse, a SEKTION pantry can align with and enhance it.

Modern Appeal

Achieve a contemporary glass box style with SEKTION. Contrast the brilliance of a white lacquer case against rich woodgrain cabinet fronts. For a tech-forward appeal, install remote controlled LED light strips to illuminate the polished interior fittings. Edge-to-edge frosted glass doors emit a soft glow, revealing the racks and shelves within. Inside, incorporate sleek black powder coated wire storage baskets. The mix of high-gloss and matte textures creates striking visual dimension. For a final modern accent, select handleless drawers with hidden push-to-open mechanisms. This allows clean, uninterrupted lines and planes suited to avant garde aesthetics.

Farmhouse Charm

The natural wood elements and antique-inspired accents of farmhouse décor pair beautifully with SEKTION’s solid wood cabinetry. For a vintage feel, choose a true white painted shaker style door featuring visible wood grains and artisanal surface detail. Contrast against an oak cabinet case for rustic contrast. Display collectibles like worn breadboards, butcher block cutting boards, picnic baskets or crockery inside. Install open shelving fitted with handy metal hooks to hang small hand towels or kitchen utensils. For old world charm, mount wire storage baskets on the interior ceiling. The mix of painted finish and exposed natural wood evokes welcoming warmth and weathered appeal.


Industrial Edge

The solid, machined look of industrial design also finds synergy with SEKTION cabinets. The pared-down aesthetic reveals the functional bones of the storage system. Exposed hinges, pipes, and rails reflect an urban loft style. Opt for stainless steel colored cabinet frames and trim. Install black metal mesh cage inserts to compartmentalize cookware while epitomizing edgy utilitarianism. Enclose it all with a durable oak cabinet front in a gray acorn laminate finish for bold contrast. The pairing of hard natural wood grain and sleek metallic elements creates an impactful blend of textures. Finally, integrate shelving featuring galvanized brackets or rails to reinforce the urban warehouse aesthetic.

Endless Possibilities with SEKTION

With savvy storage capabilities and design flexibility, IKEA’s SEKTION pantry cabinet system enables homeowners to organize kitchen spaces creatively. Framed in beautiful wood grains or sleek glass, SEKTION pantries elevate organization to an artform. With custom sizing, adjustable interior elements, and mix-and-match finishes, the possibilities for a one-of-a-kind pantry are endless.

The system’s capacity to suit any kitchen design theme makes SEKTION a versatile upgrade. By incorporating specialized lighting fixtures, shelving solutions and storage accessories into the expansive pantry space, homeowners can craft their ideal storage solution. Every detail from measurements to finishes can be personally tailored for a custom look.

With quality cabinetry made to suit you, SEKTION pantries from IKEA keep kitchens orderly and optimize functionality. By maximizing vertical storage capacity, these cabinets take kitchen organization to the next level. So craft a SEKTION pantry designed just for your household’s needs – and make the heart of your home beat more efficiently.


What are some of the benefits of installing a SEKTION pantry cabinet?

Key benefits include customizable storage with adjustable shelves and drawers, increased kitchen storage capacity by maximizing vertical space, various organizational fittings to keep items tidy, doors to conceal contents behind a stylish cabinet front, and flexible sizing options including tall units that reach the ceiling.

What finish options are available for SEKTION pantry cabinets?

There are over 100 different door and drawer front options to match your kitchen’s color scheme and design style, ranging from painted or stained wood textures to sleek lacquered finishes. Cabinet frames come in a choice of solid pine or white gloss.

What storage accessories can be added inside a SEKTION pantry?

Interior accessories to consider include pull-out baskets mounted on smooth glides, adjustable shelving, LED lighting strips, drawer dividers for organizing smaller items, custom wood or mesh inserts to compartmentalize the space, tip-down shelves for easy access, and wire storage baskets hung from the ceiling.

Can I request a custom size for my SEKTION pantry cabinets?

Yes, while standard SEKTION cabinet sizes are available, the system accommodates custom measurements so your pantry can be tailored to fit precisely into your kitchen layout if needed. The height can also be extended to the ceiling.

Is professional installation required for SEKTION pantries?

IKEA provides detailed instructions and all necessary hardware for installing SEKTION cabinets. Ambitious DIYers can tackle assembly and mounting themselves, however, professional installation is recommended for situations involving customized sizing or challenging layouts. Most IKEA stores also offer affordable SEKTION installation services.

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