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SEKTION Styles: Customize Your IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Design


Kitchen renovations allow homeowners to make their kitchen uniquely theirs. The SEKTION system from IKEA offers over 25 door styles and counting to mix, match and customize to your taste. Beyond the standard styles available, exploring custom door options unlocks even more design possibilities.

The Basics of SEKTION Doors

The SEKTION cabinet system features doors and drawers in standard widths of 15”, 24”, 30” and 36”. Door and drawer front heights range from 5” to 30” high. This modular system with standardized sizing allows for fully customizable combinations and layouts.

Doors for the SEKTION system are available in:

  • Solid wood
  • Glass
  • High gloss foil
  • Matte foil
  • Wood veneer

Within those categories, choose from flat panel, shaker style, high gloss and matte frames and drawer fronts with glass inserts, and more.

Mix and Match Different Door Styles

A major advantage of the SEKTION system is the ability to combine different door styles in one kitchen design. Mix glass fronts, matte frames, wood panelling and high gloss fronts to create visual interest and define zones.

For example, use a warm medium brown wood finish on upper cabinets and glass fronts on lower cabinets. Or opt for gloss red high cabinets as an accent over neutral white lower cabinets.

Get creative! Using different finishes in this modular system allows you to design exactly the look you envision.

Custom Doors Take It to the Next Level

Ready to take your IKEA kitchen design to the next level of customization? IKEA offers semi-custom and fully custom door options made to order.

Semi-Custom Standard Sizes

Semi-custom doors from IKEA allow you to select the door style and finish but are limited to standard SEKTION sizes. This is a more affordable way to get a custom look than ordering fully custom doors.

For semi-custom doors, you first select the door style from 5 options:

  • Recessed panel
  • Raised panel
  • Slab door
  • Shaker
  • Louvered

Next select your preferred materials and finishes:

  • Solid wood species like oak, cherry or maple
  • Stains like ebony, walnut and honey tones
  • Painted colors like navy blue, charcoal gray or sage green
  • High gloss lacquer colors and patterns

With over 50 door style and color combinations possible, the semi-custom offerings open up even more mixing and matching opportunities within your unique kitchen design.

Fully Custom Doors

For a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen, fully customized SEKTION doors are made to your exact size specifications beyond the standard options. This allows you to create built-in or extra tall pantry cabinet spaces with seamlessly integrated custom doors.

Additionally, fully custom doors can be designed in unconventional shapes like arcs, trapezoids or triangles for an avant-garde appeal. The style and size options are nearly limitless.

Custom door inserts like metal grates, acrylic panels, wire mesh and more can also be specified. Personalize with glass etchings, family photos printed directly on glass or laser cut patterns.

Define Kitchen Zones with Different Styles

Rather than treat all cabinets the same, think about defining different zones or roles for each section of cabinetry. Tailor door styles and finishes for each area’s unique duties and position within the kitchen layout.

For example:

Glass Front Upper Cabinets:

Glass front upper cabinets maintain visibility and an airy aesthetic against the wall. Spotlight your favorite collectibles and dinnerware sets.

Wood Pantry Storage:

A floor to ceiling wood pantry camouflages stored goods while offering a towering visual element beside the fridge.

Matte Color Island:

A matte painted island keeps the main workspace neutral while contrasting wood finishes shine elsewhere.

Open Shelving Bar Cabinet:

An open and accessible bar cabinet invites use with glassware on display. Include open shelves in matching wood for contrast.

Mixing door styles in adjoining cabinets creates clear divisions of space and function while allowing each section its unique flair.

Custom Drawer Fronts Expand Options

In addition to doors, custom drawer fronts allow style personalization of each drawer bank as well. Incorporate:

  • Cutlery drawers with matte metal fronts
  • Spice drawer organizers featuring engraved designer labels
  • Baking sheet and pan drawers with engineered wood fronts
  • Recycling and trash center paired for function but designed uniquely

When all drawers match, opportunities are missed for storage specificity. Make smart divisions with varied drawer front materials aligned logically with intended contents.

Work with an IKEA Kitchen Planner

To explore semi-custom and custom door design ideas for your IKEA kitchen, schedule a free design consultation. An experienced IKEA kitchen planner will collaboratively plan with you to create your dream kitchen vision within your unique space and budget needs.

Come prepared to your appointment by measuring your existing kitchen layout and gathering inspiration photos to discuss. Keep an open mind to the designer’s ideas as well – their expertise may reveal new possibilities!

Ordering and Installing Customized SEKTION Doors


Once your planner has helped you finalize door style choices, they will place the customized order for your review. Be sure to build in extra time to your renovation timeline – customized doors take a bit longer to produce and deliver than in-stock options.

When doors arrive to your home, you’ll unpack and install using the same SEKTION kitchen assembly process as for standard cabinets. Detailed instructions walk you through hanging each door and drawer front for a perfect custom fit.

Voila – your one-of-a-kind personalized kitchen comes together seamlessly! Enjoy this forever home feature designed uniquely around your needs and style vision. The customized process ensures a tailored and high functioning kitchen space for all your culinary aspirations.

The SEKTION system offers incredible customization potential with its mix and match modular cabinet components. Start by exploring the diverse built-in door offerings in finishes from high gloss to wood veneers. For even more design possibilities, semi-custom and fully customized doors can be made to order in your preferred sizes, shapes and styling details.

Work with an IKEA kitchen planner to craft your unique kitchen vision then watch it come to life as you assemble and install your personalized SEKTION cabinets and custom doors. From material selection to configuration of storage and aesthetic, the customized process allows this forever kitchen to flawlessly suit your lifestyle and taste.


What custom sizes can I get SEKTION cabinet doors in?

Fully customized SEKTION cabinet doors can be made to any size specifications needed to fit your unique kitchen layout. IKEA kitchen experts will collaborate with you to determine optimal sizing and configurations. Semi-custom doors are size limited to standard SEKTION cabinet widths and heights.

How much more do custom SEKTION doors cost versus stock options?

On average, expect semi-custom SEKTION doors to run approximately 15-30% more than stock door options. The price differential increases along with the level of customization based on materials used, intricacy of design details, sizing needs, and more unique requirements. Fully custom doors are typically 2-3 times the price of stock.

How long does it take to get semi-custom or custom SEKTION doors?

The production timeline for customized SEKTION cabinet doors ranges from 3-8 weeks on average after placing your order. Fully custom doors often take longer – up to 8-12 weeks. This lead time allows for sourcing of unique materials and artisanal construction methods to bring your one-of-a-kind vision to life. Be sure to account for these extended time frames when planning your project.

Can the hinges and fittings from standard SEKTION cabinets be used with custom doors?

Yes, the hinges included with SEKTION cabinets are designed to adapt to the thickness and weight of both standard and customized door fronts. The hinge placements and adjustment functionality allows even fully custom doors to hang perfectly on IKEA SEKTION bases. Ensure all cabinet boxes, rails, and interior fittings are in place first before installing customized fronts.

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