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SEKTION Wall Cabinets: Smart Wall-Mounted Storage


The SEKTION system from IKEA offers a wide variety of storage cabinets that can be mixed, matched and customized to suit any space. A particularly versatile component of this system is the SEKTION wall cabinet series. Available in multiple sizes with adjustable features, these wall-mounted cabinets are designed to optimize vertical storage space in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any room in the home.

Overview of the SEKTION System


IKEA’s SEKTION line features a modular system of cabinets, drawers and interior fittings that can be configured into customized storage solutions. The pieces feature durable construction and on-trend styles suitable for every home décor.

There are several benefits that make the SEKTION system stand out:

  • Customization: With multiple cabinet boxes, door/drawer fronts, and interior fittings to choose from, SEKTION can be adapted to match any floorplan or style.
  • Quality: Cabinet boxes feature thick melamine sides and 18mm hardwood shelves capable of supporting up to 110 lbs.
  • Affordable Pricing: Assembly is required, but SEKTION offers substantial storage capability and good looks without a premium price tag.

Benefits of Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall mounted cabinets, including the SEKTION wall cabinet series, provide important advantages over their floor-based counterparts:

Optimizing Vertical Room Space

In many homes, wall space provides untapped storage real estate. Mounting cabinets directly on the wall takes advantage of this underutilized area, adding storage without claiming valuable floor space.

Ergonomic Access

Higher mounting positions make contents easier to access without extensive bending or reaching. This helps promote back health and accessibility.

Flexible Room Configurations

Without a cabinet floorprint to work around, it’s simpler to arrange furniture and amenities in various configurations to match changing needs.

The SEKTION wall cabinets are designed to maximize these advantages.

Key Features of SEKTION Wall Cabinets

The SEKTION wall cabinet series includes models in various standard widths and heights to meet diverse storage needs.

Sized to Fit Your Space

SEKTION wall cabinets are available in 7 heights ranging from 15” up to a capacious 39 3⁄4” model. Width options range from 12” up to 36”.

Common widths like 12”, 15”, 18”, 24” and 30” allow versatile room combinations and installations. Planning the cabinet layout is simplified with IKEA’s online kitchen planner tool.

Stylish Door/Drawer Fronts

SEKTION pieces allow you to select door and drawer fronts separate from the cabinet boxes. This makes is easy to mix and match styles across your kitchen or home.

Choose from recessed or flat panels, Shaker or slab door profiles and solid or glass inserts. Available finishes include stain-resistant white and beige tones, rich wood effects, and glossy grey, green and navy hues.

All doors feature built-in soft-close hinges for smooth, quiet closing. Drawers include integrated soft-close glide capability as well.

Customized Interior Fittings

Every cabinet requires interior fittings like shelves, racks, trays and other inserts suited to organizing specific types of contents. Fortunately, SEKTION offers a system of shelves, drawers and more that can be mixed and matched within the cabinets.

Standard glassware holders, pull out baskets, adjustable shelves, deep drawers and specialized spice racks are just some of the interior fittings available. This flexibility helps customize each cabinet to its designated purpose.

Wall Cabinet Installation Considerations

Proper installation is required for SEKTION wall cabinets to meet their storage potential. Careful planning and assembly ensures both aesthetic appeal and lasting performance.


Mounting Position

For convenience and ergonomics, most guidelines recommend mounting wall cabinets 16-18” above countertops or other base cabinets. However, SEKTION pieces allow the flexibility to install cabinets at customized heights to match your unique storage needs and space.

Securely Anchor to Wall Studs

Though they appear lightweight, SEKTION cabinets can hold heavy contents totaling over 100 lbs. Proper anchoring to wall studs is vital to provide robust structural support without risk of loosening or collapse.IKEA recommends securing cabinets firmly to wall studs using long screws inserted through multiple cabinet rails.

Align and Level Full Rows

When mounting a full row of wall cabinets, careful measurement and leveling ensures proper spacing and alignment. Use a laser level and spacer blocks to align cabinet sides. Level front bases in sequence to achieve an even row. Crown molding hides any minor gaps.

Thoughtful installation allows SEKTION wall cabinets to offer perfect posture and access for years to come.

Storage Solutions for Every Room and Need

Beyond maximizing kitchen and bathroom space, SEKTION wall cabinets lend organized storage anywhere from the laundry to mud room, garage, basement, and more. Interior fittings and smart cabinet combinations customize them to store practically anything.

Kitchen Food Storage

For kitchen installation, SEKTION cabinets keep ingredients neatly stored and easily accessible.

  • Deep pantries with pull out baskets create an “open cabinet” effect that grants full access to contents.
  • Spice drawer inserts save digging for that special seasoning.
  • Deep drawers cleanly store bulk goods like flour and sugar to prevent spills.

Bathroom Linen Storage

The moisture-resistant finish of SEKTION cabinets makes them ideal for bathrooms.

  • Enclosed cabinets allow neatly folded towel sets to be stored out of sight.
  • Pull-out tower cabinets provide easy access to piles of washcloths or hand towels.
  • Shallow drawers create custom compartments for toiletries, medical supplies and more.

Home Office File Storage

SEKTION lends smart storage for homework stations, craft rooms and home offices.

  • File drawer inserts are perfect for organizing letters, paperwork and documents.
  • Box-shaped cabinets neatly corral office supplies out of sight.
  • Shallow drawers provide specialized compartments for desk accessories, art supplies and hobby materials.

Any room stands to benefit from maximized vertical storage space. SEKTION wall mounted cabinets deliver.

Enhance Form and Function

Beyond the wide range of standard SEKTION models, additional optional upgrades allow further customization both visually and functionally.

Elegant Glass Doors and Interior Lighting

The addition of glass doors enables contents to be beautifully displayed while keeping dust at bay. Integrated lighting illuminates interiors to easily spot items.

Refined Crown Molding and Trims

Crown molding and matching trims provide a finished, built-in look. Gaps and uneven walls disappear behind straight lines and mitered corners.

Build Custom Combinations


The simplicity of SEKTION’s mix and match system enables custom-sized specialty pieces where needed. Combine wall units with taller pantry units or bridge hard-to-fit gaps by adjusting widths and heights.

The versatility options go on and on.

The slim footprint, durability and customizability of SEKTION wall mounted cabinets provides exceptional storage capability for any room without relinquishing valuable floorspace. Standard off-the-shelf models meet many needs, while the flexibility of IKEA’s system enables customized solutions for truly unique spaces and storage challenges. With some thoughtful planning and access to online planning tools, it’s simple to build a wall mounted cabinet configuration that organizes items conveniently while complementing the style of your home. Built of quality materials and featuring adjustable shelves/fittings, smooth-operating doors/drawers and flexible mounting options, SEKTION wall cabinets lend vertical storage that satisfies for years to come.


What are the most common widths for SEKTION wall cabinets?

The most commonly used widths are 12″, 15”, 18”, 24”, and 30″. These standard sizes allow for flexible room combinations when installing a full kitchen.

What is the maximum weight the SEKTION cabinets can hold?

SEKTION cabinets are sturdily built, with each wooden shelf rated to hold up to 110 lbs. The cabinet box itself can support over 100 lbs.

What type of fittings allow customization of interior organization?

The SEKTION system features a range of shelves, drawers, pull-out baskets, racks and other fittings that can be mixed and matched to customize the interior storage to suit different contents.

How important is it to securely anchor SEKTION cabinets to wall studs?

Proper anchoring to wall studs using long screws through multiple cabinet rails is extremely important for safety and durability. SEKTION cabinets may hold over 100 lbs, so stud mounting is vital.

Can SEKTION cabinets be used outside of the kitchen for storage?

Definitely! The moisture-resistant finish allows use in bathrooms. The simple but stylish designs also make SEKTION cabinets perfect for laundry rooms, offices, basements, garages and anywhere storage is needed. Fittings can customize them to hold almost anything.

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