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The Best Tips for Measuring Replacement Kitchen Drawer Boxes


Replacing your kitchen drawer boxes can breathe new life into your cabinets, improving functionality and aesthetics. However, getting the correct measurements is crucial before purchasing replacements. Mismatched drawer boxes can lead to installation headaches and a less-than-ideal finished product. This guide equips you with the knowledge and steps to measure your existing kitchen drawer boxes for perfect replacements accurately. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a homeowner tackling a kitchen refresh, these tips will ensure a smooth and successful drawer box replacement project.

Understanding Kitchen Drawer Box Measurements

Kitchen drawer boxes come in various standardized widths and depths. However, measuring your existing drawers before purchasing replacements is always recommended. Here’s a breakdown of the critical measurements you’ll need:

Drawer Box Width

The drawer box width refers to the internal usable space within the cabinet carcass. To measure this:

  1. Open the drawer completely.
  2. Use a tape measure to find out how far apart the side walls of the drawer are at their widest point. Please avoid using the drawer front for measurement, as it might have decorative elements extending beyond the usable space.
Tips and Tricks for Finding Out the Dimensions of New Kitchen Drawer Boxes

Pro Tip: Measure in several spots across the width to account for minor variations. Take the smallest measurement as your final width.

Drawer Box Depth

The drawer box depth refers to the distance from the front to its back panel. To measure this:

  1. With the drawer still open, measure the distance from the drawer’s back panel (where it meets the cabinet carcass) to the front of the drawer opening.
  2. Again, please avoid using the drawer front itself for measurement.

Pro Tip: Similar to width measurement, take readings at multiple points and use the shortest distance as your final depth.

Drawer Box Height

Drawer box height is typically standard and less crucial for replacement purposes. However, it’s good practice to note it down. To measure this:

  1. Please find out how far the back of the drawer goes up from the bottom of the box it’s in.

Note: Most pre-made drawer boxes come in standard heights, so obtaining an exact height measurement is less critical for replacement purposes. However, having this information can help you determine if any modifications might be needed during installation.

Additional Considerations When Measuring Kitchen Drawer Boxes

While width, depth, and height are the primary measurements, here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Full Overlay vs. Partial Overlay: Drawer overlays refer to how much the drawer front covers the cabinet face frame. The drawer front completely hides the face frame in a full overlay cabinet. In a partial overlay cabinet, some of the face frames are visible. Knowing your overlay style (full or partial) is helpful when choosing replacement drawer boxes, as it might affect the required depth.
  • Mounting Hardware:  Some drawer boxes have pre-drilled holes for drawer slides. Note the hole spacing and location on your existing drawer box. This information can be helpful when selecting replacement drawer boxes with compatible mounting points.
  • Material Thickness: The thickness of the drawer box material (typically plywood or MDF) can impact the overall usable space within the cabinet. If your existing drawer boxes are particularly thick, you should choose slightly narrower replacements to ensure proper clearance within the cabinet carcass.
How to Determine the Dimensions of New Kitchen Drawer Boxes

Cabinet Carcass vs. Drawer Box: Understanding the Difference

When measuring for replacement drawer boxes, it’s essential to understand the difference between the cabinet carcass and the drawer box itself.

  • Cabinet Carcass: The cabinet carcass is the main body of the cabinet. The framed structure provides the framework for drawers, shelves, and doors.
  • Drawer Box: The drawer box is a separate component that fits inside the cabinet carcass. It’s a box with a bottom and four sides that slide in and out on drawer slides attached to the cabinet carcass.

The critical distinction here is that you’re measuring the internal space of the drawer box, not the overall cabinet opening. The cabinet carcass will typically be slightly larger than the drawer box, allowing for proper installation and clearance.

Finding the Perfect Replacement Drawer Boxes at Allstyle Retrofit

Now that you know how to measure your existing kitchen drawer boxes, you’re well on your way to a successful replacement project.

Allstyle Retrofit offers a wide selection of high-quality pre-assembled and unfinished drawer boxes in various sizes and materials. Our friendly and experienced staff is happy to help you find the best drawer boxes for your needs and budget.

Explore our replacement kitchen drawer box options at Allstyle Retrofit:today!

You can quickly transform your kitchen cabinets with careful measurements and the correct replacement drawer boxes from Allstyle Retrofit. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need assistance choosing the perfect drawer boxes for your project.

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