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Try Slim Shaker Doors For Your Modern Kitchen Needs – A Overview

You cannot deny that you find Shaker cabinet doors almost anywhere, and they are still in trend with their countless styles. Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular and identifiable cabinet door styles. The fact that interior designers have adopted and experimented with this style, which has endured in popularity, should thus not come as a surprise.

Are you in the market for a new kitchen but don’t want to sacrifice style? Slim shaker doors may be the perfect option for you. A modern take on a classic look, slim shaker doors can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

There are many different shaker-inspired cabinet door styles available today. To achieve trendy colors and designs, these modernized shaker doors make use of things like engineered materials. In this article, we’ll examine what made shaker cabinet doors so well-liked and how they’re being reinvented nowadays.

The Era Of Shaker Doors:

Cabinet doors made in the Shaker design have a long history that dates to the end of the 18th century. A religious sect known as the “Shakers” organized itself in the United States and started establishing villages. These neighborhoods were created with sustainability and simplicity in mind. These two characteristics were crucial to the Shakers’ way of life, which placed a high value on modesty, honesty, and hard labor.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that the many products produced by these communities were of the highest caliber. Their cabinetry was a part of this. A typical shaker cabinet door’s minimalistic style is immediately apparent with a single glance. The edges and panels of the doors are unpainted. The lines made by the joints are the only occasionally visible detail on these doors. Frequently, the cope-and-stick joint used to construct the door can be seen when it is unfinished or discolored. These connectors, also known as butt joints, are a typical approach for building cabinets.

Classic Shaker Style Cabinet Doors:

Perhaps people choose to design their kitchen or bathroom with traditional shaker cabinet doors. This can work well for many different design aesthetics. Shaker cabinet doors, for instance, are frequently utilized in farmhouse kitchen designs. The cabinet doors in this design are probably painted a bright white or perhaps a light blue. The shaker is ideal in these colors for achieving a light and airy look while maintaining the comfort we anticipate from country décor.

As an alternative, breathtaking effects can be achieved by staining traditional shaker doors. With its focus on structure and high-quality materials, this design belongs in the category of traditional kitchens. We have a variety of natural materials to pick from, and stain finishes draw attention to the specifics of the joint structure while also highlighting the beauty of the natural material. Darker stains can also be used to design luxurious, opulent kitchens.

Modern Shaker Style Cabinet Doors:

However, this hasn’t stopped interior designers and cabinet makers from trying to develop the next shaker, despite the fact that the traditional shaker isn’t going anywhere. To achieve this, they adapt the classic shaker cabinet door style for a contemporary audience. A more contemporary shaker-style cabinet door can be right for you if you want to come up with the next popular style.

The variety of colors that are currently offered is one aspect of modern shaker cabinets that is quite exciting. Although it is difficult to top the white shaker in popularity, you can also consider the growth of sage greens and blues in the kitchen.

Our traditional shaker door is offered in several versions for the best fit with your design aesthetic. They come in two different material choices from us:

Five-piece construction with a center panel made of MDF and a solid wood frame

One-piece construction – Routed MDF in a single piece with a white melamine backing for extra stability and strength.

The new shaker designs come to life in unexpected ways thanks to these vibrant and fascinating colors.

Our shaker door color options include:

Painted shaker doors: Henegan, Lancaster, Canyon, Glencairn, Tilford, Summerset.

Slim shaker doors: Free Spirit, Sheer Beauty, Fashionista, Chameleon, Rhapsody, First Class.

Since its introduction, the shaker cabinet door has advanced significantly. Because of its insistence on basic design, the shaker style has mostly remained constant over time. Shaker-style cabinet doors have been and continue to be so common and well-liked likely explains why they are among our most popularly purchased cabinet doors.

Call us at +1 (800) 601-8195 if you need help or to place an order, or email us at info@allstyleretrofit.com if you have any questions. From ordering to measuring, our team of cabinet professionals is available to assist.

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